TikTok Advertising: The Bottom Line

TikTok Advertising: The Bottom Line

TikTok currently has advertisements that will allow you to increase your reach and exposure. TikTok started using ads on its platform in January 2019. In April 2019, the managed service platform was launched. TikTok ads weren’t available in all states at the time this guide was written.

Similar to other social media platforms there is a biddable advertising environment. TikTok ads are not available for self-service right now. You will still need to interact with the provider.

All advertisements available on TikTok use these short-form movie formats. This is very sensible as TikTok has a lot of short-form videos that can be easily viewed by users. TikTok ads can be followed in three different ways.

Targeting attributes are not a standard for now. You can choose your audience based on their age, gender, and location. Geo-targeting allows you to target the USA country level. You will soon be able to access additional targeting options such as attention and behavior.

TikTok Statistics

Below are the current advertisements for four types of TikTok:

Perhaps you’ve seen the Instagram narrative ads? These ads are in full-screen mode and can be very helpful. If you like this, you will definitely prefer native ads on TikTok. These ads can be linked to an external website.

You can choose the length of your advertisement from 5 to 15 minutes. You should produce a vertical format movie because it will be displayed from the “For You” page. A call to action can be added, such as downloading a program or visiting the website.

Hashtag Challenge Advertisements

TikTok is a popular platform for Hashtag battles. It is therefore logical to create advertisements using this format. You could promote TikTok users in your target audience to participate in a challenge that is based on your brand or a few of your products.

TikTok users are more inclined to engage than just take a passive position. If you have the right hashtag, you can expect some amazing engagement numbers. These ads are available for seven days and can be viewed by a TikTok representative.

Every time a TikTok user opens it, the Brand Takeover advertisement is displayed. Their display places it front and center. This type of ad can be used to send someone to your personal article or to induce them to visit your website.

Advertisements for Brand Takeover are permitted on a per-class basis. This type of advertising may only be used by one advertiser to obtain a class each day. These will be the most expensive TikTok ads due to their limited accessibility.

The Brand New Lens Ad

If you choose to advertise with branded lenses, you will have the option to use facial filters and 3D items. The right brand-named lens program can offer great involvement on stage. You can buy tiktok followers to grow your tiktok community fast.