Types of Lawyers You Shouldn’t Hire

Types of Lawyers You Shouldn’t Hire

We all face various legal problems in our lifetimes, after getting accused of a crime, you should hire a lawyer to effectively represent you in the court. However, hiring the wrong lawyer can cause a lot of issues for you as the case goes on.

So, when you’re finding the right criminal defense lawyer, here are some types of lawyers you should never hire.

A Lawyer Who’s Too Busy

Some lawyers are unfortunately only after getting as many cases as they can, and then they distance themselves from their clients. They hire paralegals and secretaries to answer you questions, and your case in the court is handled by an associate. This way, they first trick you into hiring a well reputed lawyer, and then hand over your case to their workers. You should never hire a lawyer who has a known history of doing this.

If a lawyer is too busy for you, chances are that they won’t even look at your case, and would hand over your case to their staff. So, avoid hiring such lawyers.

A Lawyer Who Refuses to Sign a Contract

You should also be cautious about hiring a lawyer who doesn’t sign any agreement with you at the very start of the case. Avoid hiring a lawyer who get directly to the payment part without providing any insight into the case.

A good lawyer will invite you to his office in the very first call, and will hand over a written agreement which you can read and sign before hiring him. This agreement will protect yours and the lawyer’s rights in the case.

Lawyer Without Any Reviews

For many of us, online shopping has become a norm, and that’s why people always like to read reviews of any product or service they’re looking to buy or hire online.

Same thing goes with lawyers as well, you should read their reviews before hiring.