Set The Standard with Luxury Vinyl Plank in Hendersonville

Set The Standard with Luxury Vinyl Plank in Hendersonville

In this modern era, everyone wants to look classy. Hardwoods are the essence of maintaining elegant classic decorum. Most property owners prefer hardwood, but no one likes the high price tags and high maintenance of wooden floors. Are you also one of them who desires the floor’s best qualities without compromising on quality or affordability? Then, luxury vinyl plank in Hendersonville is your savior for setting a high standard.

It comprises several layers of divergent materials sandwiched together to form an extremely durable, stylish, affordable, and stylish floor covering. The construction is done in a way that perfectly mimics the feel and looks of wood or stone. It offers identical timelessness with high performance. It is cent percent moisture resistant. It is highly durable and last for more than twenty years. The excellent quality material gives an appealing wood look without any woodwork.

The ease of installation, durability, installation and realistic looks have made the Luxury Vinyl Planks a rising star in the flooring industry. It provides a vast number of advantages. Some of them are-

  • Amazing luxury visuals– They have incredible visuals of hardwood floors, natural stone, and ceramic styles. These engineered products are much thicker than traditional sheets. They can also be installed over the existing floors.
  • Ideal for moisture-prone or humid areas– It is perfect for those areas where moisture, water, or humidity is a great challenge, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. Generally, hardwood is not recommended for such areas. Therefore, vinyl planks are the perfect alternative for this issue.
  • Easy installation– It is installed with a locking method, also known as a floating installation. This method requires an expansion joint along the perimeter and all the fixed or stationary objects. Then, the expansion joint is covered with quarter-round molding. Also, a hollow sound is not produced if you walk on it.


It employs an innovative core structure to achieve the most realistic looks of wood. The core comprises recycled wood, limestone, bamboo dust, and virgin PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). It is inert and dimensionally stable, which means it will not expand or contract. It is a brilliant choice for homeowners who desire an exemplary, durable, and affordable floor with ease in maintenance and last for many years.