Find The Handyman In My Area In Snellville

Find The Handyman In My Area In Snellville

A handyman is an independent contractor who performs maintenance and improvement services on customers’ properties. The term handyman is slightly outdated today, as the focus has shifted toward a professional with specialized equipment and skill sets progressed from those of a kitchen or bathroom remodeler. This is primarily due to the advent of the ‘one-stop shopping’ industry where homeowners often see many different professionals in one place for different services within one location, including interior design, landscaping and contractors like handymen.

Proper certification:

Proper certification from a respected authority would be recommended for those who are interested in becoming professional handyman in my area in Snellville. Training programs normally can be found at vocational schools or community colleges and are likely to include courses ranging from how to operate tools and equipment, basic construction techniques and materials identification. In order to become a certified handyman many states require their contractors to pass a test that is regulated by the state in which they reside. Some of these individuals also choose to join a trade association for members of their profession/field as this can provide them with certification, allow for networking opportunities and even provide them with an avenue for submitting evidence needed for insurance claims.


Homeowners usually contract with a handyman if they have small projects around the home that need attention but do not warrant one to hire a contractor or specialized tradesman. For example, if a homeowner needs a drawer repaired or the installation of an electrical outlet they may seek out the assistance of a handyman. They are usually self-employed or part-time workers who can be hired on an as needed basis and normally do not offer warranty or insurance policies.

Home improvement professional:

A home improvement professional is one who considers him or herself to be in the business of improving homes. This could include remodeling, building new additions or repairing/installing home systems. A comprehensive Home Improvement Professional would have skills in multiple areas to meet customer’s needs and provide quality workmanship (as stated by “the Handyman” – full name).