Track Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance with a Mobile App

Track Vanilla Visa Gift Card Balance with a Mobile App

Summary: The Mobile App is the new way of interaction with any organization or service provider. You can easily track vanilla visa gift card balance with a mobile app on your phone.

Have you checked that you have a very handy computer with you all the time? Yes, your smartphone is the new computer. You have it with you all the time and it is loaded with apps that can do almost everything you want to do in the routine course of your day. Want to order groceries, use an app. Want to travel to work or back home, use an app on your phone. Want to listen to some music, use the app you loaded on your phone. Want to cook a quick snack, just load up the recipe app on your phone. In such a case, how can money be left behind.

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You can use a smartphone app to track vanilla visa gift card balance from your phone at any time you want’ as long as you have an active mobile data or wi-fi connection. Almost all card companies provide an app where you can register your prepaid gift card and check balance and do many other things.

How to get gift card tracking app:

Depending upon which type of phone you have, iPhone or an Android phone, you can get the app from respective app stores. In most of the cases, the card packaging will have QR code link to app for your mobile device. Simply scan this code on your phone and your app store will open and present with the smartphone app to be installed. If you are not able to scan the QR code or if no code is present, simply search the app store for the card balance app and you will find it.

How to use the balance check app:

Once you have the app installed on your phone, things become very simple. Take out your card and open the app. You will be prompted to add your card details like card number, validity and CVV to register the card in app. This is a one-time process. Once registration is done, you will be shown your card balance. Some apps might ask you to set up a PIN to use the app. Make sure this PIN or password is different from your phone PIN. This will add an extra layer of security and protect you from identity theft.

The app has many extras:

Along with the ability to track vanilla visa gift card balance, the app allows many other functions. You can check your transaction history, block your lost card, or order new card or replacement for lost or damaged card. Some apps also allow you to report and dispute fraud transactions on your card.

As mobile phones are becoming all pervasive, smartphone apps are the new way to manage your life and your money.