How to Choose the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

How to Choose the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Finding the ideal commercial carpet cleaner for your home might seem like a straightforward task. However, selecting the best carpet cleaner for you requires more consideration than picking from any appliance store. Your main priority should be customer service and cleaning effectiveness – your carpet cleaner must be able to deep clean and sanitize without damaging them in any way. Here are some tips on choosing the best commercial carpet cleaning services:

Check the service company’s online reputation

Before hiring a commercial carpet cleaning services in Nashville, TN, read some of their customer testimonials posted online. Look for companies with positive reviews and an average rating of four stars out of five; these will likely also have other positive endorsements from businesses within their sector and the Better Business Bureau. When selecting your cleaning provider, don’t just rely on customer satisfaction alone.

Ask for references

Once you’re ready to hire your carpet cleaner, contact all those companies that you checked online and inquire if they can recommend one. Doing this gives you the chance to compare several companies’ offerings and gather more details on their services.

Expect Fast Results

If you’re expecting a deep cleaning from commercial carpet cleaners in less than two hours, they aren’t up to the job. On average, it takes at least six hours to thoroughly clean one room using two to three truck loads of solution and they spend at least an hour vacuuming them afterwards.

Don’t opt for the cheapest option

When purchasing a commercial carpet cleaner, don’t skimp on quality and reliability. Quality should always come first when making any purchase; no matter how inexpensive something may appear at first glance, you cannot be certain it will last or meet your expectations.

Understand why you are buying it

When purchasing a commercial carpet cleaner, ask yourself why you need one and if it can meet your needs. Purchasing one to deep clean with chemicals may be best; on the other hand, steam cleaners are available if sanitizing without harsh chemicals is your main priority. Furthermore, renting carpet cleaners could prove expensive if you don’t require them for an extended period of time.

Shop around to find the best deal

On average, commercial carpet cleaners cost around $4,000 and up. Prices can vary between companies; Total Clean offers a rental service which may not be the best option if you plan on using the machine occasionally or for an extended period. You could save money by buying your own unit and renting it out when not in use; however, keep in mind this may not be the best long-term solution if looking for deep carpet cleansing solutions.