Learn About The Best Auto Shop In North Vancouver

Learn About The Best Auto Shop In North Vancouver

Taylormotive is situated in North Vancouver and serves customers from all over the city. They have become the number one choice for the people because of their high quality of service. Read below to find out what makes them the best auto shop north vancouver.

What makes them the best in the area?

Taylormotive has collision care certification which states that they have the right equipment, training, and method to repair any kind of automobile. This certification puts them into the category of advanced repair networks around the globe. It is a feat very few service centers have reached in the country.

The journey was not easy as the repair shop had to pass the entire certification process which is not a piece of cake. This process has been completed by less than 5% of shops in the entire country, which puts them into the category of elite repair services.

How do they keep the environment green?

Certification is not the only achievement that makes them the best auto shop North Vancouver.

  • Normal paint has a lot of toxic fumes and causes a lot of damage to environmental health. Taylormotive uses waterborne paint which is the most technologically advanced category of paint. As the name suggests, this paint uses water instead of solvent to paint a car. They also use highly advanced spray guns to reduce the emissions from the paint. According to the statistics, it emits 90% fewer fumes when compared to solvent paint. Their dual media filters scrub the remaining exhaust air so that they can preserve the environment even further.
  • They recycle plastic, aluminum, metal, and other paper products to keep the maximum waste out of the landfills. They have chosen to use a computer instead of paper for all their accounting work to reduce paper consumption.
  • Their shops use air cleaners which reuse the air emitted and cut down the total heat bill of the building. It is a good way to conserve energy while getting the same benefit.

So, if you are looking for a highly qualified repair shop that is also eco-friendly, visit Taylormotive.