Can you Find a Phone with the Help of a Phone Tracker?

Can you Find a Phone with the Help of a Phone Tracker?

Nowadays, finding a phone has become child’s play, as there are several ways that people can use to find the phone with or without a phone tracker, and it is no big deal. But the real challenge comes when the phone is turned off.

The reason is when a phone is turned off, it will stop communicating with nearby mobile towers, and it will become difficult to pinpoint its exact location. The phone can only be traced using its last known location or Google Services or iOS services.

Although several services help you trace your phone, they work the best when the phone is turned on. Therefore, today we will discover some ways that will help you trace a phone whether it’s turned on or switched off with the help of any phone tracker app.

1- Can the phone be tracked without turning on the data connection?

Several ways can be used to track the phone. Fortunately, both Android and iOS devices can be found without turning on the data connection.

For example, if your device has a data connection or is connected to Wi-Fi, then the smartphone uses Assisted GPS. A-GPS uses the tower’s location to which the phone was connected and the known Wi-Fi networks to get an idea about where the device is.

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2- Can you find an iPhone even if it is turned off?

You can easily find your iPhone even if the Bluetooth is turned off or not connected to the internet. Now you might be wondering how? The answer is simple, with the help of “Bluetooth location” by Apple.

This feature helps the user easily locate their phone if it is turned off. Another way to find the device is by using the Find my app and with iCloud.

3- How to track a user who has a normal phone rather than a smartphone?

Tracking a normal device is a bit challenging as there are very limited options that you can do to begin your search with. Fortunately, the most successful option to trace a normal phone is by using the phone’s GPS.

The GPS on the device will show the exact location in case you ever lose the device. Several normal phones during the 2000s to 2010s had GPS, which meant you got a chance, even if the phone was lost.

4- Can the police track a phone that has been switched off?

The police cannot do great wonders when tracking a switched off phone, as there are very few options left to begin with. The only way they can contribute is to ask the cell phone provider to track a unique 15-digit long IMEI number.

Once they get the IMEI number, they can track or block the smartphone with ease. It doesn’t matter if the thief has already done a factory reset on your phone. The IMEI number remains the same, and they can be tracked easily.

Wrapping up

This was brief on how to find a phone with the help of a phone tracker. Contact us to learn more about other types of location trackers like Facebook location tracker.